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Luc Childeric jumping and dressage saddles

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Luc Childéric saddlery

Luc Childeric saddleryFrom the grand prix ring to the pony ring and everywhere in between, the Childéric has been used to maximize the performance of horse and rider.

Luc Childéric's saddlery workshop in rural France, 40 km from Lyon, manufactures one of the world's most prestigious ranges of competition saddles, highly regarded by amateur and professional riders worldwide who demand the very best in design, materials and craftsmanship. There are show jumping, eventing and dressage ranges, with numerous variations in sizings and leather options.

Early in 2013 Childéric Saddles introduced a new addition to its eventing collection. Available in their CFSP and CFAP models, the Childéric Lite Event Saddle has been remodelled to remove 4kg of weight by stripping the saddle back to the bare minimum.

The saddle also features anatomically shaped panels and has been specifically built for the cross-country phase.

Badminton winner Jock Paget has been using the new saddle and says:

The new Childéric Lite feels identical to my Childéric jumping saddle, yet gives me a real performance edge in the three-day competitions.

I work hard to reduce my normal weight by 6kg to my competition three-day weight because I believe it makes a big difference to a horse's energy expenditure across country.

I can now remove a further 4kg by using the Childéric Lite saddle, which means that we can optimise our performance even before we've left the starting box.

It's beautiful to ride in and to look at. It is very close contact and while it's easy to get out of it, the new saddle feels very good to be in.

Jock Paget

Creation is a pleasure. It can only be successful at that price.

For the last 20 years I have been involved with the equestrian world and the passion that drives it. I meet, I listen and I share. My products are the reflection of a life-time's knowledge, as well as the expectations, aspirations and feelings of my friends and customers.

My saddles have known the most talented riders in the four corners of the world. And this is always for me an emotion, a true pride, when a seeker of excellence, a true connoisseur, demonstrates to me his commitment by liking my creations.

Luc Childéric

Luc Childeric Badminton


Luc Childéric maintains a Facebook page called Luc Childéric Sellier.

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