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Earlier Testimonials

We list below some of the comments others have made about us and our services since 1998:

Aiden (Clifton Passionate) is doing really well. Our first show of the season was a combined training (no xctry) and he finished in 1st place. We just came home today from our first regular event today and I am still kicking myself!!! Aiden was 2nd after his dressage score of 30.0 and then we incurred 5.6 time penalties after a wrong turn on xtry. Aiden went clear, of course and he was clear in stadium this morning. He would have been 1st had I not made that mistake. . . but live and learn. . .

After having him now for 10 months the "honeymoon" is still not over! I have never experienced such a kind and bold horse before. I absolutely adore him. He and I have achieved a very special bond and I have gained more confidence on him than I could have imagined. Whenever I make a mistake, he just "takes the reins" and fixes it.

Joan O'Connor, Maple Park, IL

It has taken a little bit of time to develop a partnership and get to know [Billy], but we really have bonded just over the last few months and we just completed our first real test: a clinic with Olympic rider Darren Chiachia. I have ridden with Darren before but he is a tough clinician and pushes both horse and rider to accomplish a lot of things; I have always been mostly terrified and have often not had them most successful time, but this year with Billy it was fabulous!! I had so much fun, and didn't really have a nervous moment, except just at the beginning, and then Billy just clocked around jumping everything with little to no help from me, and then allowed me to help him a little when that was the exercise, and we jumped some Preliminary-level questions and basically an entire Training level course and he was just great.

I think he is worth every penny I spent and more; I feel so much more confident about jumping him than I ever have on any other horse. Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy him. Many people complimented him over the weekend and asked where I got him.

Beth Fairfax, Rocheport, MO

Just got back from our first xctry school. . . WOW! Clifton Passionate "Aiden" is phenomenal. He is everything you told me he would be and more. After his first fence he turned into "xctry mode" and was looking for his next fence. And when you said that he was a horse that comes into and leaves his fences right in stride. . . you meant it! What a fun horse. Can't wait to take him to our first event.

Definitely a horse that will allow me to build my confidence after the "bad experience" I had with my last horse.

Thanks again for recommending him to me.

… …

We attended our first HT this past weekend. What a phenomenal horse! … He was third after his dressage. I had only done one xctry school before the HT so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect during that phase … so we had to take the longer routes. But with all of that said, what a RUSH to come over the finish line with time to spare. Boy can that boy gallop! Stadium day went superbly well … had the most lovely ride finishing our Opening Training division in 2nd place.

Everyone I know wants to know where I found him. LOVE this horse!

Joan O'Connor, Maple Park, IL

"I am trying to resist the temptation to go on and on about the horse you sent me, lest I jinx myself! Suffice it to say, I am THRILLED with him. He is just a dream. He is everything you said he would be -- uncomplicated and straight forward and wonderfully balanced. His canter is simply to die for. I love his attitude about life! He's completely trusting and calm, yet he's got plenty of spunk and personality, too, which I love to see in an event horse.

"Most of all, I am delighted with the entire process of buying a horse from you. This horse so far has been EXACTLY what you said he would be. The videos did a fantastic job of representing the horse. I would eagerly buy a horse from you again. Please feel free to give out my name and email address and phone number to any perspective client. I would be happy to report on my, very good, experience in buying a Clifton horse."

Annie Eldridge, Duxbury, MA

"…he is everything my trainer and I hoped he would be for jumping. Get him long to a fence, get him close to a fence, he jumps it the same way and in the same rhythm. He will be a wonderful confidence builder for me… I actually took him out by myself to jump some small cross country jumps the other day, something I never felt comfortable doing with my mare. I think he and I are developing a bond now. He rests his head on my shoulder whenever I am in his stall. Anyway, I am very happy and expect I will only get happier."

Beth Fairfax, Rocheport, MO

"I rode [Clifton] Vitori for the first time today [Mon, 29 Apr 2002]. I first took him for a hack with a friend. He was wonderful. He was so full of it. He power walked and trotted the whole way. It was great! He never spooked or looked at anything. Although when we got back I took him in the indoor to see what we looked like in the mirrors and he did not like it in there. He certainly thought it was amazing that he could see another horse (himself) on every wall. I walked him around until he settled and then I did a quick trot and canter. I loved it. He has super gates. I can't wait to jump him!

"I jumped Taz [Clifton Vitori] today [Tue, 7 May 2002]. My Mom wanted to see him go, so I just decided to pop a few and you were right, he was a total blast. He was the cat-like quick on his feet horse I was looking for. He is exactly what you said and I couldn't be more happy."

Jennie Goebel, Canton, CT, USA

"All is going well with Haka. He is indeed a lovely horse that I grow fonder of every day. He is a very quick learner and eager to please and do the right thing. My trainer thinks he is a gem as well. Thanks again for your excellent work in finding Clifton Haka for me". [Tue, 7 May 2002]

Joanne R. Kresic, Potomac, MD, USA

"I just wanted to let you know how amazing this horse is. [Clifton] Disney is incredible. I have not done a single cross country fence in 9 months, which means that neither Disney or I had schooled cross country together since I bought him. We went out to cross country Sunday at our first event together not knowing what to expect and how to communicate with each other, (we were competing training level, 3'3" to start, our next event is absolutely going to be Prelim!!) by the second fence I knew that this was going to be the horse of a lifetime! We went around the course like it was nothing and ended up getting time penalties for going Prelim speed which felt like NOTHING on him, he has the best gallop. We were second after the Dressage and would have won without the speed faults! This horse is incredible, better than I ever imagined."

Thank you Frances!

Erika Smith, Philadelphia, PA, USA

"I highly recommend working with Frances Stead to find a top quality event horse. The quality and prices of the horses I saw in New Zealand were far above anything I'd seen in the U.S., and Frances did a very good job at matching my specifications, including my more picky requirements. I was able to ride several lovely horses over a three day period, and the only real challenge was having to pick between my two favorites. My new horse is already a favorite around the barn for his excellent disposition and attitude, as well as being a true cross country machine. I checked out several agents before going with Frances, and I think she is the best in terms of finding quality horses for a decent price, as well as for her impeccable honesty."

Vali Frank, Oakland, CA, USA

"Duva is doing fine, … everyone loves him and thinks he's a beautiful horse. He is an awesome horse to learn on I think he is going to be fun, alot of people were happy to see me on a more relaxed horse that knew what it was doing. A matter a fact theres a lady I ride with that may be interested in looking at what you could find her, she was very impressed by him and couldn't believe what a great horse you sent me off a video. She is running into problems over here just like I was that there is just not that much over here and there not that experienced plus it seems you get more for your money in New Zealand as opposed to here. So i will keep you updated as the season progresses thank you again for such a wonderful horse.

I have nothing bad to say about my experience with you. You were very upfront with me and told me exactly what the horse did and didn't do, and I believe you knew exactly what I was expecting. I knew from the video also that you sent me and the e-mails that he wasn't 100% perfect that he had a few issues not bad ones just some refinement issues I believe. I had also told you that I was looking for an experienced horse to get some good miles on not one that going to be perfect and I think you filled that promise so far I just can't wait until I take him around cross country. So feel free I won't let you down. Thank you Frances for everything and I will keep you up to date through out the year on our progress. Also if I had to do it all over again I WOULD!"

Updated Monday, 10 September 2001 9:31 pm:

"I just wanted to give you an update of whats going on. Duva (Royal Impression) is doing great I have had some good outings on him. I did two of our novices on him and then moved him up too training,we did great for our first time he has been the best horse I have ever owned. I only started riding 4years ago and started eventing 3 years ago and already made it too training level,I never could have done it without this horse he has been great!!!! I have two more events at training this year then he gets a well deserved break.I'am already looking forward too next year to do Prelim.I just want to thank you so much for everything you have done to pick this horse out for me, you did a great job and I am always assuring people to trust you with picking out the right horse for them if they were like me and couldn't make it over there to actually sit on the horse {Chris bought off video}. People always ask me were I got him and I always tell them about you and my great experience,I'm always pushing for you and telling people to check you out".

Chris Hermans, Stanwood, WA, USA

"Hello Frances,

I thought I would give you an update on Cliff [Clifton Gree]. This past weekend we finished our last training level event and we are moving up tp Prelim in 2 weeks. He has accumulated a number of points at traing level since he has been in the ribbons consistantly. Believe it or not he has a fan club at the events and everyone loves him! We completed approx 10 events and he has been foot perfect XC and dressage and stadium is getting better each time. I just love him and everyone should own a horse as terrific as him. He is a pleasure to own. We are planning to do 2 prelims by end of season and heading him toward his first 1 * early next season. Philip [Dutton] seems to think he has the ability to move on. Lets hope so! Thank you for finding this wonderful horse and should you find one just like him you know how to reach me. Regards to all,"

Augie Vettorino, Cold Spring, NY, USA
(Augie has bought two horses through us, the second one, Clifton Gree, after stopping off in New Zealand following the Sydney Olympics).

"I would recommend Frances and [Clifton Eventers] wholeheartedly; I had a wonderful time in New Zealand and could not have asked for a nicer or more accommodating host and hostess. I initially contacted Frances on a lark, thinking that there would never be a horse to fit my (very limited) budget and my need for a confidence-inspiring horse. My new NZ horse, Clifton Smint, is perfect for me and a *much* nicer horse than I ever expected to be able to afford! He's a solid performer with an excellent mind, and a popular fellow besides! He's a wonderful horse, and I'd do it again in a minute! If you can afford the ticket, do go -- you'll have a great time!"

Deborah Levine, Pasadena, CA, USA

"Cruise is fabulous! He finished his season completing a one star at Morven Park. Jimmy (Wofford, my coach) said he's never seen a horse look so well on day 3 in the show jumping. He was incredible, jumping three feet over everything and full of himself! Frances, he was unbelievable on cross country. The course was quite hefty and technical and Cruise jumped all the straight routes, corners, bounces, narrows, like a champ! I love him so much and believe he's a superstar in the making.

"Thank you again for such a special horse, he definitely is one in a million!"

Rainey Sealey, Boyce, VA USA

"This year I had the ultimate shopping experience, when we bought Clifton Merlot in New Zealand. I hope he will take me places I have never been in eventing."

"Your readers might be interested in knowing that I saw lovely horses in New Zealand, and Frances Stead and Kirstin Kelly made looking and trying horses for sale a wonderful experience. The eventual purchase of my horse was friendly, caring and professional no detail was left to chance in getting Merlot from Auckland to Ontario."

Trudy Atrens, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

"Lovely horse from lovely people. We appreciate all you did for us".

Trudy Atrens' mother

"I … thought I should tell you that these are the best prepared horses I have had the pleasure to work with in a long time. I really love both horses even though quite different they are the highlight of my week! Trudy is a super girl and gives both these horses a great life, we enjoyed her coming together with Merlot last year and wining a number of events, this year they really are a team so I think they will do even better than last year. Trudy and Tommy [Clifton Interest] are still getting to know each other but with his kindness and experience Im sure there will be no stopping them when the time comes [we will start him later in the year]. Thank you for these lovely horses."

Trudy Atrens' coach, Vanessa Taylor
Unsolicited e-mail Monday, 4 March 2002

"Frances has been involved with horses all her life. She has developed a sound knowledge to identify a genuine horse with good paces, conformation and jumping ability. She is fair and honest and maintains a high standard in the research and presentation of top quality New Zealand horses. Always very approachable and friendly, I have no hesitation in saying she works in the best interests of the client and horse, and a fair outcome for the seller."

Sally Clark, Wellington, New Zealand
Olympic Silver Medallist (1996) and Team World Championship Gold Medallist.

"This knowledgeable horsewoman tuned into our needs and then sorted out the market for us, which made our horse buying trip an excellent investment.

"…you are FABULOUS and if anyone can find Two-Star horses, you can".

"Your reputation is certainly impeccable in my eyes".

Dot Hamilton, Enumclaw, WA, USA
Area Chairman, USCTA Area VII

"You had a very sincere interest in finding us quality horses! And everybody knows that I am not the easiest to please!

"The other things that I enjoyed is that you had extreme patience and did not push anything on us. You were very well organized and made me feel very comfortable from the moment I met you. I am a very happy customer of yours!"

Erika Bjerk, Auburn, WA, USA

"Eventers.co.nz found me a lovely horse. They provided a very professional and well-organized purchase. I would most definitely use them again.

"I love the horse I bought. I think he is the greatest horse to be around, so kind and generous. Thank you so very much."

August Vettorino, New York.
August bought this first horse off video. Six months after writing this August bought a second horse after spending several days in New Zealand with us. He remains happy with both horses.

"I am so happy. He's such a wonderful horse. I can't wait to come back again."

Dynah Donald, California, USA

"He is doing great. He is such a delightful soul and so pleasant about his work. He is a blast cross country! Everyone loves him."

Lisa Procknow, Idaho USA

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