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Clifton Tasman

Never had a cross country fault in 3 years from Training to CCI** level. Took new rider to her first placing at Intermediate Horse Trials (2nd) and her first CCI** 3-Day event, clear under time cross country.

9yo 16.1hh Bay TB Gelding

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Clifton Tasman

Finished 17th out of 40 starters at CCI** National 3-Day Eventing Championships (May 2011).

  • 65.3 penalties dressage.
  • Clear jumping and time cross country (one of only 14 to do so).
  • 2 rails, clear time show jumping.
  • Final score 73.3, 17th place.
  • This was with a rider doing her first CCI**, who had only ridden the horse for three weeks and only competed it once before.

Finished second at Intermediate Horse Trials (May 2011), out of 25 starters. One of only nine clear jumping cross country and achieved the fastest time of the day.

  • This was only the rider's second ever qualifying score at Intermediate Horse Trials, and her first competing Clifton Tasman.

Only horse clear cross country over very tough Open Intermediate track at last start with Jock Paget (March 2010).

  • Finished second behind Advanced eventer who had 20 jump faults but ran fast cross country.
  • 68% dressage.
    • Two '9's.
    • Paces/Impulsion/Submission = 7/7/8. Judge's comment: "Horse is generally working happily and softly".
  • Taken steady cross country due to hard ground hence time faults dropped him to second place.

Second National CCI 3DE May 2009:

  • 45 starters.
  • 67.5% dressage (5th).
  • Clear under time cross country (less than half the class jumped clear and more than a third failed to finish over a tough track).
  • Unlucky final rail of the course in show jumping. Would have won without this.
  • Final score 52.8 penalties.

Won Novice Horse Trials March 2009:

  • One of only two horses to jump clear cross country and only one to successfully go direct route at tough water combination.

Reserve Champion 5 year old Young Event Horse at South Island 3-Day Championships 2008. Score highlights:

  • Dressage (Judge 1 – Judge 2)
    • a) Type for Modern 3DE Horse – 17/18 15/18
    • b) Manner & Attitude – 8/10 8/10
    • c) Overall Mark – 81.5% 76.0%
  • Jumping
    • a) Technique 21/25
    • b) Type 5/5
    • c) Manners 5/5
    • d) Overall Mark 88.5%
  • Conformation 71.5%
  • Comment – ‘Great overall type'.

Second half 2010 re-introduced a young rider to eventing after a three-year break.

  • Finished in top ten at all starts.
  • Competed two Novice then one Open Intermediate Horse Trial.
  • Always clear cross country jumping but taken steady so time faults dropped him out of major placings.
  • Finished 9th, 4th and 9th, but would have been fourth, second and fourth without cross country time.

Absolute machine cross country. Unfazed by any question. Never stops. Great technique ensures he is safe and trouble-free.

Won at all levels of Horse Trials from Training (21.9 final penalty score), Pre-Novice to Novice.

Placed second CCI* and second Open Intermediate Horse Trials.

Scores in dressage up to 72.6% at Intermediate level.

34 Horse Trial Points (Intermediate).

Lovely impressive type of eventer. Still maturing and strengthening, but great natural ability.

Only been to one straight show jumping competition (2011):

  • Double clear 1.10m (first round and jump off).
  • Jumped clear 1.15m, but two time faults. Finished second anyway as only Clifton Pinot jumped clear inside the time.

By Jade Robbery out of Our Star Tate. Born 24th October 2002.

Note: Novice Horse Trial level in New Zealand equates to Preliminary Horse Trial level in the USA.


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Information updated: 7 June, 2013

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