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Clifton Riviera

This horse has now been sold

Fabulous Pony Club Champs or fun Novice eventer capable of going to higher level.

6yo 16hh Bay TB Gelding

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Clifton Riviera

This horse is ‘6 going on 10' in that he really does behave like an experienced schoolmaster in many ways. Perfect opportunity for a young rider coming off ponies or starting Eventing to learn from him and go up the grades together for a whole decade of fun!

Lovely jump technique and quick mind mean he is very safe and able to get himself out of trouble his rider might put him in. He is already competing easily at Novice level Horse Trials and will be capable of moving up to Intermediate in the future.

Helped introduce teenage rider to eventing when they have never been in a dressage arena or done any eventing until late 2009. They happily competed at Pre-Novice horse trials with consistent success. He took this rider to their first ever Novice Horse Trial in March 2010, jumping a lovely clear round over a tough cross country course.

Finished the season with 4th place in end April 2010, would have been 2nd without 5.2 time cross country.

Competed at Open Pony Club Event in Area Qualifier February 2010:

  • 70% in dressage, despite two errors of course. Judge's comment ‘Nice elegant horse who is showing some relaxed and consistent work'. Collective horse marks for paces/impulsion/submission were 8/7/7. marked ‘9' for trot movement with comment ‘soft, happy and forward'.
  • Clear and quick cross country but rider instructed to miss out a fence we felt was potentially unsafe, hence technically eliminated (we had three horses in the class and did the same on all three so all were eliminated on paper).
  • Jumped lovely clear in show jumping (1.05m).

November 2010 took 17-year-old rider around her first Pre-Novice with a lovely clear cross country.

  • Rider had only sat on him a couple of times previously and had never jumped a cross country fence on him. Clifton Riviera was substituted at the last minute when rider's horse went lame.
  • Achieved ESNZ qualifying score at this event and their next Pre-Novice (again clear cross country), so qualified to do 3DE.

December 2010 – Pre-Novice 3DE

  • First 3DE for 17 year old rider and for Clifton Riviera. They were clear under time cross country and finished a respectable 23rd having had great fun!

Introduced 10-year-old girl to jumping and was working beautifully for her on the flat.

  • Visitor from Germany came to ride for 10 days December 2010 to January 2011. She had never jumped before but was happily cantering round a course of jumps on Clifton Riviera after only a few days. He was extremely kind for her and gave her great confidence, despite her being only 10 years old.

Show jumped clear at 1.10m, placing 4th.

Short-coupled, easy to ride. Snaffle, no martingale, in all phases.

Three nice balanced, soft, forward paces.

  • Scored up to 70% in dressage
  • Judge's comments such as "nice elegant horse who is showing some relaxed and consistent work".

Last Novice Horse Trial led after dressage with 67%

Good jump technique. Bold but careful. Does not like to hit a fence. Forgiving of rider mistakes – doesn't get worried or upset. Willing but not pulling cross country. Not phased by any type of fence – good with water, ditches, banks, chevrons, etc.

Great 'no hassle' horse. Easy to do in every way. Good to truck or float, shoe, etc. Good to hack out alone or in company. Loves pats and cuddles. Lovely natured in every way. A great horse for all the family to enjoy for many years to come.

Occasionally seen to windsuck in yard.

5-stage vetting September 2009.

Note: Novice Horse Trial level in New Zealand equates to Preliminary Horse Trial level in the USA.


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Information updated: 7 September, 2011

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