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Clifton Anzac

Great Pony Club Champs horse. Established at Pre-Novice eventing and proven capable at Novice level.

8yo 16.1hh Bay Gelding

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Clifton Anzac

Fantastic track record at Pre-Novice and Training level horse trials:

  • Competed at 12 of these vents, with four different riders.
  • Never had a cross country fault.
  • Never had more than one rail show jumping, and jumped clear in half the rounds.

Very consistent good record at these Horse Trials.

  • First Horse Trial, Training Level:
    • 28 starters.
    • 75.9% dressage (3rd)
    • Double clear jumping, show jumping and cross country.
    • Would have won without time faults.
    • Finished 6th with time faults due to being taken steady cross country.
  • Placed second at Training Horse Trial early March:
    • 4th dressage.
    • One of only five clear show jumping.
    • One of only seven clear over tough cross country.
    • Beaten only by Clifton Madagascar.

Subsequently competed by three other less experienced riders across 2010:

  • Late March:
    • One of only three out of 26 starters clear show jumping.
    • Taken steady cross country due to hard ground. Clear and would have won without eight time faults.
  • September (Taupo):
    • Clear show jumping and cross country.
    • Ground conditions awful so taken steady cross country. Would have been 4th without time faults.
  • October (Whangarei):
    • 73.5% dressage.
    • Clear show jumping and cross country.
    • Finished 9th despite 18.8 time faults.

Moved up to Pre-Novice in 2011 with one of these less-experienced riders with similar good success.

  • Always clear cross country.
  • Only one rail show jumping each time, despite this being rider's weakest phase.

Shown himself capable at Novice Horse trials level with a clear cross country and one rail show jumping in April 2011.

Placed third at 95cm show jumping with fast double clear in competitive class.

Very bold but careful jumper with really sharp technique, so rarely hits a fence. Looks after himself. Very safe.

Excellent pony club champs prospect. Ready now to really consolidate with a new rider at Pony Club Open/Pre-Novice horse trials level, before taking them up to Novice and beyond in the future.

Good looking fine-build horse with high withers so does not look or ride big.

Ridden in a snaffle in all three phases by all riders in the past.

By Anzyan.

Easy to truck or float. Good in paddock and to hack out alone or in company.

5-stage vetting November 2009.


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Information updated: 7 June, 2013

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