Jonathan Paget and Clifton Promise — New Zaland's leading eventing combination
Very rare opportunity to buy a Clifton Eventer produced by Jock Paget – Badminton winner with Clifton Promise.

Clifton Eventers offer for sale two excellent horses, both already proven successful and exceptionally easy to ride hence very suited to amateur, junior or young riders wishing to be seriously successful in the sport.

The 'Clifton' stable is world-renowned for producing a small selection of hand-picked horses to become top-class eventers. Over the last 15 years they have produced eight different horses to represent New Zealand at senior team level, with six different riders. All of these horses except one were bought as green youngsters and produced from scratch by Clifton eventers who always develop horses slowly and correctly to gain the best long-term results at the major competitions. Clifton horses have been sold to riders across the globe, including David O'Connor when he was reigning Olympic Eventing Champion. Many have also been chosen by amateur, junior or young riders due to the horses' excellent correct basic training which makes them easy to ride and sets them up for long successful competition careers.

Due to the founders of Clifton Eventers having moved from New Zealand, there are now only six Clifton horses still in their ownership. Clifton Cognac and Clifton Dickara are the only horses to be offered for sale by them in the last 12 months. This very rare opportunity to join the elite band of Clifton Eventer owners and riders is now available. These two horses are ready to follow in the hoof prints of the only other four Clifton horses still owned by Clifton Eventers. They are all UK based and their results speak for themselves:

  • Clifton Promise – Winner Badminton CCI4*, 2nd Burghley & Pau CCI4*, Olympic bronze medalist.
  • Clifton Lush – Winner Gatcombe British Open Championships CIC3*, winner Bramham CIC3*, 2nd Blair Castle Scottish Championships CIC3*, twice 5th Burghley CCI4*, third Badminton CCI4*.
  • Clifton Pinot – 5th Luhmuhlen CCI4*, 5th Houghton CIC3*.
  • Clifton Signature – 4th Blenheim CIC3* 8/9yos, 3rd Hartpury CCI2*.

Clifton Cognac and Clifton Dickara are offered for sale by Clifton eventers as they have become rather disillusioned with the FEI and Equestrian Sports New Zealand as a result of events following Burghley 2013. They also need to recoup some of the great expense they incurred fully funding Kevin McNab's defence against the FEI case. There is no regret by Clifton Eventers at having spent so much to help totally exonerate the riders and all concerned of any wrong-doing, but it has still been a very large and unexpected cost.

These excellent horses are well priced for a quick sale, but must go to the right homes and riders. Serious enquiries only please. Transport from the UK can be organised for overseas buyers.


For more information, please follow the links to Clifton Cognac and Clifton Dickara.

Supporting New Zealand eventing for over 15 years

For over 15 years Clifton Eventers has worked to build the reputation of the Clifton name, in the process supporting over a dozen young up-and-coming riders with quality horses and selling over 120 eventers with the Clifton prefix to riders around the world, including Olympic gold medallist David O'Connor.

Clifton horses have represented New Zealand on the world stage since 2001 – including Clifton Promise at the 2010 World Equestrian Games at Kentucky where he finished seventh out of 80 starters and again at the 2012 Olympic Games in London where he was part of New Zealand's Bronze medal winning team.

Indeed, Clifton Promise was the third-ranked eventing horse in the world in 2012, amassing 296 FEI points from just three FEI competitions.


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Latest news

09 October, 2014

We are delighted to announce that the FEI EADCMP Doping Controlled Medication negative results list from Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2014 has just been released.

Clifton Promise was tested and is included in this negative results list. There are six horses on the list out of the 65 starters and Clifton Promise is the only one included who finished in the top five places.

07 August, 2014

FEI Tribunal vindicates both riders with "No Fault or Negligence" decisions

With regard to the positive tests for a banned substance found in our two horses Clifton Promise and Clifton Pinot at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials in September 2013, we are delighted to announce that the FEI Tribunal has ruled that there was "No Fault or Negligence" by anyone associated with either horse (see FEI Equine Anti-Doping Decisions). As a result, the provisional suspension that had been imposed by the FEI on both riders, Jock Paget and Kevin McNab, has now been permanently lifted.

06 June, 2014

Equestrian Sports New Zealand has just issued the following statement, reproduced in full below.

New Zealand eventer Jock Paget is temporarily clear to return to the competitive arena after the FEI Tribunal this morning lifted his provisional suspension pending the release of their full ruling.

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Jonathan Paget

Monday 6 May 2013 — 2013 Title Winner: Mitsubishi Motors Badminton International Horse Trials CCI4*: Jonathan 'Jock' Paget on Frances Stead's 16.3hh Bay NZTB Gelding Clifton Promise 2013. Credit: Libby Law – Copyright: Libby Law Photography – NZL

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Clifton Promise at Badminton Horse Trials 2013

Clifton Promise and Jonathan 'Jock' Paget
4 May, 2013


Clifton Promise and Jonathan 'Jock' Paget
5 May, 2013


Clifton Promise and Jonathan 'Jock' Paget
5 May, 2013


Clifton Promise and Jonathan 'Jock' Paget
5 May, 2013


Clifton Promise and Jonathan 'Jock' Paget
6 May, 2013


Clifton Promise and Jonathan 'Jock' Paget
6 May, 2013


Clifton Promise and Jonathan 'Jock' Paget
6 May, 2013


Clifton Promise and Jonathan 'Jock' Paget
6 May, 2013


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