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How to buy your next talented eventer

Because we typically have around 25 Clifton Eventers in work and out competing, we usually have several that are for sale. Prices start from about $NZ$5,000 with proven competition horses from about NZ$10,000.

We have been selling horses overseas for over ten years, with over 100 going to the USA in that time and others going to Europe and the UK. We offer a fully personalised service and our reputation is everything to us and you might want to check out some quotes from past customers. Some people come to our lovely country of New Zealand to try some horses whilst others are happy to buy just from seeing a video and our feedback. We're happy to work either way.

Your first steps on the way to finding your ideal eventer

If you believe you want to buy a Clifton Eventer the process starts with you completing our online form that identifies the main qualities you seek. These qualities are then refined with you via telephone or e-mail – we usually spend a considerable time discussing the type of eventer that you want to buy before even suggesting that we may have one that could be suitable.

We then can do one of two things:

  • Send you a video compilation of the horses we think meet your requirements.
    • If you choose to do this we send you a fully personalised video on DVD, typically showing between ten and 40 minutes of footage on each horse in all three phases, often complete with slow-motion to make your analysis easier.
  • Help you plan your trip to New Zealand for you to ride each of the selected horses.
    • When you arrive in New Zealand we can look after you all the way. By this stage we will have set up an itinerary covering several days, allowing you to ride a selection of horses (probably including some cross country.

If you are interested, you can find out more information by following these links:

Please contact us for more information.