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Money Back Guarantee Option

We think our innovative Money Back Guarantee Option is a great way to ensure absolute peace of mind when buying a horse.

Jonathan Paget on Clifton ArkwrightWe've tried to make the rules around the operation of the idea really simple: If you buy any horse from us with an asking price of under NZ$50,000, for an additional 10% you can buy the option to return it within four weeks and get a full refund on the purchase price if for any reason you're not completely happy.

We are prepared to offer this to the New Zealand marketplace as we are sure that very few, if any, horses will be returned, so long as we have (a) prepared the horse correctly and (b) done our job of matching you up with the right horse.

Every horse we sell is a four-legged advertisement for the Clifton name, good or bad. The more horses we sell, the bigger the reputation we have to protect, so you can be sure that we are very conscious of the importance of matching the right horse with the rider's experience and expectations.

The reason for the additional 10% price premium on the asking price is that the most likely reason for the partnership not working is that the horse looses confidence with its new rider. It will take us some time to re-instate that confidence before we can present the horse again to someone else. This takes time and money — indeed, probably a cost well in excess of the cost of buying the option. But, as we say, we are confident that very few horses will be returned.

So this is how the Money Back Guarantee Option ("the Option") works:

  1. Jonathan Paget on Clifton GemAt the conclusion of the sale, both parties sign a simple Money Back Guarantee Option agreement so that we each have something in writing.
  2. You must advise us whether you will have insurance cover on the horse or not for the duration of the Option.
  3. Full payment is made for the purchase of the horse plus the cost of the the Option.
  4. Under no circumstances is the Option fee subsequently refundable.
  5. You then arrange for the collection and transport of your new horse.
  6. The Money Back Guarantee Option applies only to horses that have an asking price of less than NZ$50,000 (excluding GST).
  7. It is available only on horses that we sell with the Clifton prefix (i.e., horses that we own and are not selling on behalf for a third party).
  8. The Option is available only within New Zealand and for horses that remain here for the duration of the Option.
  9. The Option is calculated at 10% of the asking price (plus GST), not the actual purchase price.
  10. We are not liable for any costs you incur during the period of ownership that the Option is in effect, such as transport, feed, keep, etc.
  11. You must advise us at the earliest opportunity you suspect you are having problems so that we can attempt to resolve them before they get worse.
  12. In the spirit of the previous comment, you agree not to involve friends, neighbours or other 'experts' in your efforts to solve any problem you may have. With due respect to them, we sold you the horse and we know it better than anyone else. Unless we both agree otherwise, it is our prerogative to work with you to resolve any issues.
  13. The Option expires exactly four weeks (28 days) after the start of the agreement (which is usually when full payment is made).
  14. The horse must be returned to our Muriwai facility within this time and at your cost.
  15. When the horse is returned it must be at a date and time previously agreed so that someone from Clifton Eventers is present to receive it.
  16. The horse must be returned in the same condition as when it left. We reserve the right to request a veterinary inspection to verify this. We will not refund the purchase price on a horse that has been injured.
  17. We reserve the right to work with the new owner at no cost to them for a mutually agreed period of time after the Option has expired to attempt to resolve the issues causing them to seek a refund. If at the conclusion of this period the buyer still wants a refund then this will be made.

So, all quite simple and transparent. If you have any questions or want to find out more, please contact us.


Information updated: 31 October, 2010

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